Human Resources

At La Vida Felicidad, our employees are very important to us. The quality of the services we provide depends largely on the quality of our employees and their dedication to serving others.

We currently have about 200 employees and many independent contractors.  The majority of our employees provide home care services to elderly or disabled individuals in their homes.

Because our employees are so important to the work we do, we do our best to make La Vida a compelling place to work.

We provide a variety of training opportunities at our office locations including CPR, First Aid, Incident Management, Lifting and Body Mechanics, and others, as well as courses required by the Developmental Disabilities Supports Division.

We also work to keep open communication with staff and offer many opportunities for feedback such as quarterly meetings, annual performance evaluations, staff surveys, and suggestion boxes at each office.  As a result, we tend to have low rates of employee turnover and the vast majority of our employees report that they are satisfied with La Vida Felicidad.

If you are interested in joining or are already a part of our team, this section of our website is for you.

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