Employee Handbook

All La Vida Felicidad employees MUST read the Employee HandbookDownload a copy of the Employee Handbook (FY 2015).  Any questions regarding the Handbook should be directed to your direct supervisor or to the Human Resources Department at 505-565-1614.

All La Vida employees are required to sign a form stating that they have received and read the Employee Handbook. Download the Employee Handbook Acknowledgment form here.

This form must be turned in to the Human Resources Department or can be submitted online below:

Employee Handbook Acknowledgement Form
  1. The Personnel Policies and Practices Handbook (hereinafter “Handbook”) describes important information about La Vida Felicidad, Inc. (hereinafter “The Agency”), and I understand that I should consult the Chief Executive Officer, Human Resources Director, or my immediate supervisor regarding any questions not answered in the Handbook.

    Since the information, policies and benefits described in the Handbook are necessarily subject to change, I acknowledge that revisions to the Handbook may occur. I understand that revisions in any new handbook will supersede all prior handbooks and may modify or eliminate existing policies/information.

    I have entered into my employment relationship with The Agency voluntarily and acknowledge that there is no specified length of employment, unless The Agency and I have executed an Employment Agreement. Accordingly, either I or The Agency can terminate the relationship “at-will”, with or without cause, at any time, unless I have executed an Employment Agreement, in which case the nature to employment is set forth therein.

    I have received the Handbook and I understand that it is my responsibility to read and comply with the policies contained in this Handbook and any revisions made thereto.

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