We expect that the values we hold at La Vida Felicidad will be shared among all of our employees:

  • Family centered services with respect for culture
  • Quality of services
  • Self-advocacy
  • Integrity
  • Effective communication
  • Partnerships/Collaborations/Teamwork
  • Employees/Staff are our most important resources
  • Support for personal growth

If you are considering employment with us, please take a few moments to read the information below:

We are a non-profit organization that holds very high standards in terms of the services we provide.  Integrity and ethical practices are of the utmost importance at La Vida and it shows in the quality of services that individuals receive when they choose La Vida.  We strive to provide services in the best possible manner: timely, effectively, and efficiently.  This means that we don’t cut corners and we are guided by our mission and our values above all else when providing services.  It is important to note that we hold employees to La Vida’s high standards.

We are culturally sensitive to the individuals and families who receive our services as well as to our staff.  We work hard to ensure that services are provided by staff who speak the primary language of the person receiving services.  We translate many materials into Spanish and employ many staff who are bilingual.  And the majority of staff that we employ also live in the communities where we provide our services.  That helps us ensure that La Vida’s services meet the needs of the community and also reflect the culture of the community.

We take our responsibility to our employees very seriously and respect the staff that choose to work at La Vida.  This means that we ask for your feedback fairly often and value your opinions.  We know that the individuals who provide direct service to clients and families often have great ideas about how to improve the quality of services and we assume that there is usually some room for improvement in any organization.  So, we ensure that you have many opportunities to provide feedback either verbally or in writing, and if you prefer to give us your ideas anonymously, then we respect that choice.

We provide ample staff training and professional development opportunities because we believe that if we want La Vida to excel in services, we have to provide the appropriate training opportunities to employees.  We comply with all mandated training requirements but quite often, we exceed the training requirements.  We offer many on-site trainings in relevant topics for direct care staff and ample professional development opportunities for full time salaried staff.

We communicate in a variety of ways with employees because we know that excellent service delivery cannot happen without constant and effective communication.   All supervisors have an open door policy with staff.  We also use emails, staff meetings, payroll inserts, focus groups, performance evaluations, suggestion boxes, newsletters, annual reports, and surveys, in addition to in-person meetings and telephone conversations, to continuously keep you updated and to exchange information and feedback.  We know that effective communication is crucial for successful employment.

We are accountable to many stakeholders including clients, family, staff, community members, funding sources, referral sources, and others, and we regularly seek feedback from many stakeholders so that we can be assured that we are providing the best possible services for clients and families in the community.  We recognize that a major part of accountability is financial accountability and we work hard to manage our financial resources as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Confidentiality is extremely important to us at La Vida so we abide by all required privacy practices.  We provide services in numerous small communities where many people know each other and we understand that it takes extra effort to maintain confidentiality in small, rural communities so we have implemented very clear privacy procedures.  To ensure that staff are properly trained in client confidentiality procedures, we mandate and provide trainings on confidentiality for all employees.