New Donors Providing Much-Needed Support to La Vida

La Vida Felicidad is grateful to our donors for providing much needed support to our programs and services this year.  With their help, we’re able to reach more people and make a greater difference in their lives.

We would particularly like to thank the following donors for their support:

  • Daniels Fund awarded La Vida with funding for our Early Intervention program.  The overall goal of Early Intervention is to reduce the impact of developmental disability or delay on young children and their families.  Bill Daniels, a pioneer in cable television known for his kindness and generosity to those in need, established the Daniels Fund to provide grants and scholarships in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.  For more information, please visit www.danielsfund.org.
  • The United Way of Central New Mexico also awarded La Vida with funding for our Early Intervention program to provide family-centered services to a most vulnerable population: infants and toddlers who have or are at risk for developmental disability or delay.
  • The BNSF Foundation recently awarded La Vida’s Early Intervention program with funding to provide services to infants and toddlers with or at risk for developmental disability or delay.
  • The Carl C. Anderson Sr. and Marie Jo Anderson Charitable Foundation awarded La Vida with funding for our Homecare/Personal Care program.  The purpose of this program is to assist in preventing abuse, neglect, and exploitation of elderly and/or disabled adults and to meet their needs in aging well at home thereby preventing or postponing nursing home placement.
  • We would also like to recognize our local Los Lunas Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6084 for donating to our Homecare/Personal Care program through the Local Community Contribution/Hunger Outreach Grant Program.  This will provide additional homemaker/personal care services to frail, elderly, or disabled persons who currently receive minimal home care services.
  • Thank you to the PNM Fund, a division of the PNM Resources Foundation for awarding La Vida Felicidad with a PNM Reduce Your Use grant.  Funds from this grant will be used to replace our old appliances and printers with Energy Star rated appliances and printers.  We are committed to taking steps to become more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.  This funding will help us save money which will go towards services for the vulnerable population we serve, and we can help do our part in protecting our environment.  For more energy saving tips for homes or businesses, visit www.energysavers.gov
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