Community Living

Community Living services support people with developmental disabilities to live in their community among family and friends. Services include:

  • Personal support
  • Family Living services
  • Independent Living services

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The adult must have a developmental disability that began before the age of 22, need help with personal care, meet the NM financial requirements, and be a resident of New Mexico. Eligibility is determined by the Developmental Disabilities Supports Division (DDSD) Regional Offices.

For more information about eligibility follow the link above or call the State Eligibility Office at 1-800-283-5548 and ask about the Development Disabilities Medicaid Waiver.

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Community Living Services

Personal Support services help individuals in their homes or in the community by assisting with meal preparation, housekeeping tasks, specific personal care, or other individualized assistance.

Family Living services provide a natural home setting in the community. Much more than simply being a place to live, this 24-hour service brings an individual into a family setting (either with their own family or another family who has decided to open their home), where they can feel comfortable and supported. This helps create a sense of independence and integration, while making sure their needs are met.

Independent Living services support individuals in realizing their potential and achieving their dreams of living independently and being as self-sufficient as possible. This service can be offered in the home or in the community. Services include assistance with housekeeping and home care, health maintenance, weekly planning, therapy goals, transportation and community integration.

Please contact Selma Dodson at selma@lvfnm.org if you are interested in learning more about our Community Services, or call 505-565-1614.