Partner with Us

Advocating for the importance of human services in New Mexico is extremely important. There are so many needs in the communities we serve, and seemingly never enough resources to meet all needs.

We welcome the opportunity to work in partnership with other organizations, to (1) ensure that our clients have access to all of the services available to them; (2) follow up on referrals from other agencies; (3) work together to advocate for increased funding and support for human services in New Mexico.

In the State of New Mexico, the Legislative Session begins the day after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  Every other year the session runs for 30 days and every following year the session runs for 60 days.

During this time we will post the bills that relate to our services, so that any interested partner or community member can help advocate for increased support.

New Mexico Medicaid funding is matched by federal dollars at approximately a 3 to 1 rate, meaning that for every dollar of State of New Mexico funding we receive, we then have that money matched with approximately three dollars of federal money.

By helping advocate for the services we provide, you are helping La Vida Felicidad and other agencies serve more individuals and families, and improve their quality of life.