Our Team

La Vida Felicidad employs about 200 employees and many independent contractors.  While we employ administrative staff for oversight and coordination of our services, the majority of our staff work in early childhood services, adult services, or senior services, mostly providing services in the home or in the community.

Key Staff

Kathey Phoenix-Doyle, Executive Director

La Vida’s Executive Director, Kathey Phoenix-Doyle, has over 20 years of experience in the social services field and has in depth knowledge of children and families who are identified as “at risk” populations.  Kathey holds a Master’s Degree in Sociology and is a Licensed Social Worker.  She has many prior years of experience management, training, and consulting.  kathey@lvfnm.org

Gina Newman, Director of Finance and Administration

Our Director of Finance and Administration, Gina Newman, has been employed with La Vida since December 2008.  Gina holds a degree in Accounting.  She is responsible for accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll related functions, as well as benefits data collection and reporting. gina@lvfnm.org

Selma Dodson, Director of Adult Services

Our Director of Adult Services, Selma Dodson, joined La Vida in January 2014.  Selma comes to La Vida with a wealth of knowledge and experience in developmental disabilities services.   She is responsible for oversight of the DD Community Living Services, Community Inclusion Services, and our adult day        program in Socorro.   selma@lvfnm.org

Katie Otero, Quality Assurance Director

Our Quality Assurance Director, Katie Otero, has been employed with La Vida since April 2002.  Katie is responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive quality assurance plan, ensuring compliance with all funding rules and regulations, and management of the agency’s strategic plan.  Katie also serves as the agency Critical Incident Coordinator.  katie@lvfnm.org

Adria Duran, Director of Community Outreach and Development

Adria Duran is our Director of Community Outreach and Development who has been employed with La Vida since October 2004, formerly a Director for our Early Childhood program.  Adria holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and is a    licensed Developmental Specialist II.  Adria brings strong dedication and effective leadership skills to our early intervention team. adria@lvfnm.org

Clarissa Franco, Early Childhood Services Director

Clarissa Franco is our Early Childhood Services Director who has been employed with La Vida since April 2005.  In addition to her licensure as a Developmental Specialist, Clarissa is also a licensed social worker with experience in a variety of education and human service settings.  clarissa@lvfnm.org

 Jessica McDaniel, Early Childhood Operations Manager

Jessica is our Early Childhood Services Operations Manager who has been employed with La Vida since January 2011.  Jessica worked as a Service Coordinator/Developmental Specialist in our Early Intervention program until 2016 when she was hired as our EC Operations Manager, providing quality assurance and oversight of our Early Intervention program, Early Learning Center  and Early Pre-K programs.  Jessica@lvfnm.org

 Stephanie Hurbina, Early Intervention Manager

Stephanie came to La Vida in May 2007 and prior to being hired as the Early Intervention Program Manager, was an Educator and then a Service Coordinator/Developmental Specialist in the EI program.  In addition to her licensure as a DS, Stephanie also holds a Bachelors degree in Nutrition/Dietetics.  stephanie@lvfnm.or

Ramona Chavez, DD Program Manager

Ramona Chavez, DD Program Manager, has over 18 years of experience working in the DD field. Past roles in the field have been DSP Community, working 1:1 with individuals and Independent Living, Residential Service Coordinator and Residential Program Manager. Ramona Chavez has been employed with La Vida since September 2016 and is currently the Adult Day Services Program Manager. Ramona holds an Associate’s Degree in Human Services. ramona@lvfnm.org

Cindy Ortiz, Early Learning Program Manager

Cindy originally worked with La Vida as a respite provider in 2010 and later came on board as an employee in our adult day program.  Cindy then became interested in working with children and joined our Early Learning Center and Early PreK classroom as an Educator.  In August 2018 Cindy was promoted to the Management position. She is currently working on her Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education with a minor in Spanish. Cindy@lvfnm.org