We help older adults with physical and/or behavioral health issues by offering personal care, homemaker, and adult day services.

Homemaker/personal care programs

Senior Care

Helping adults who are frail, elderly, or disabled continue to live in their own homes.
Our programs promote self-sufficiency among adults who can’t manage key activities of daily living without assistance because of physical or cognitive impairment.

“My home visitor is such a great person! She is always there with great information and advice, she treats my children so well and they love her! She is very respectful of my home and always reassures me that I’m doing a great job as a mom and that’s always a great thing to hear! I can’t say enough good things about this woman, she is great!”

“La Vida is a great program for new parents. Teaching us how to be the best parents we can for our babies.”


These services help seniors remain in their own homes.

Sometimes it only takes a few hours of services a week to help older adults stay in their homes. Some seniors require many more hours per week in order to have their needs met.

  • Home Care Programs – Our home care programs provide the same set of services as our home care services, however these programs are supported by state, federal and city funding, private foundations and donors, and are available to eligible seniors only (eligibility is based on income and several other factors).
  • Adult Day Services – Our adult day services assist older adults in becoming integrated and supported in their community.