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Early Childhood


The goal of our Early Childhood program is to help parents or caregivers give their young children the support and stimulation they need.

Early childhood is a critical time for a child’s development.


It is during this period that we learn how to relate to the people around us, develop gross and fine motor skills, and come to understand how to interact with the world.


Early Intervention Program.

This family-centered program is for children who have or are at risk for developmental disability or delays. We work directly with the children to decrease the impact of developmental delays or disabilities. We work with their family members to improve communication, address challenges, provide specialized services and therapies, and link families to other specialized services they may need.

Our Early Intervention program provides family-centered services to infants and children (birth to three years of age) who have or who are at risk for developmental disability or delay. Services are provided to families who live in Valencia and Cibola counties.


Infants and toddlers are eligible to receive our services if they are found to have a developmental delay through the process of a developmental evaluation OR if they are determined to be at risk for developmental delay due to biological, medical, or environmental risk factors.

  • Our early intervention services are provided at no cost to the family
  • There are no income eligibility requirements for families receiving these services
  • Referrals to our early intervention program can be made by physicians, Children, Youth, and Families Department (CYFD), other community referral sources;  to make a self-referral please contact Desirae Sepulveda, at 505-273-0816 for Valencia, and Cibola counties, or email


We provide temporary relief to parents or other family members who are caring for children with developmental disabilities or delays, so that they can rest, take a break or even just run errands.

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Child Care Center

Our 4-star child care center in Valencia County is open to children ages six weeks to 5 years, and offers a stimulating curriculum to help children develop the skills they need. Kitchen staff prepare nutritious meals made from scratch, following the ECECD guidelines for the children. For information about enrollment please contact 505-565-1614.

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Early PreK

Our Early PreK mixed age 3 & 4 funded through ECECD is committed to creating an enriching environment that promotes a child’s excitement for learning and helps foster skills that allow them to succeed in school. For information about enrollment please contact 505-565-1614.

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“It’s a welcoming environment with one goal, building up our little ones.”

Early Learning Center

“The teachers are very patient and attentive to my child’s needs.”

Early Learning Center

(505) 565-1614 or 1-800-474-4651