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Respite Care

La Vida Felicidad’s Child Respite Care

La Vida Felicidad provides respite services at no cost to families, for eligible adults and children.  This gives a temporary break to the caregiver who is responsible for caring for an individual with developmental disabilities.

Respite is a flexible family support service intended to provide relief, relaxation, and peace of mind for primary caregivers of adults with developmental delays or disabilities.

Whether an afternoon or a weekend, this short-term care allows families time for themselves, while the adult enjoys favorite activities with their Respite staff. Services can occur in the staff person’s home, the family home, or in the community. The main goal of our respite services is to provide relief to the client’s parent or guardian. Respite is flexible and may be provided for emergencies or on an occasional or regular basis.

“These services are so helpful, my child loves to stay with his respite provider.”


Adults: 22 years old and up are eligible for respite services if they are developmentally disabled and are currently on the DDSD Department of Health Central Registry Waiting List. The individual must meet the requirements such as: If they incurred a mental and/or physical impairment before the age of 22, and the condition is expected to continue indefinitely. Additionally, if the condition results in the individual having substantial functional limitations in three or more of the following areas of major life activities: cognitive/learning (thinking), speech/language, mobility, social or self-helps skills, capacity for independent living and/or economic self-sufficiency.

Children: Birth through 3 years of age are eligible for respite if they receive Early Intervention Services – – who have a high probability of developing a developmental disability.

Children: 3 years old-9 years old who have an IEP within their school.

Children: 9 years old – 21years old who have an IEP at school and are on the DDSD Department of Health Central Registry Waiting List.

For more information about eligibility follow the link above or call the State Eligibility Office at 1-800-283-5548 and ask about the Development Disabilities Medicaid Waiver.

If you have already applied for a Development Disabilities Medicaid Waiver but are on a waiting list, please contact us as you may already be eligible for respite services.

Please contact Selma Dodson at if you are interested in learning more about our Respite Program, or call 505-865-4651

(505) 565-1614 or 1-800-474-4651